5 september 2017

The power of the “Positive Question”

We want to make the most of our employees, using different techniques and coaching. But the question remains which way works best? There are many roads leading to Rome, but we want to use the most efficient way. One option is to focus on the employee and see what’s going […]
29 mei 2017

Automate processes

Companies do not fully utilize their software capabilities on a large scale. Either of the existing software or the failure to write a custom software program, which allows you to work many times more efficiently. This can save companies a lot of money, especially in the future. In recent years, […]
19 mei 2017

Adjust your way of thinking

There are many companies that want to adjust their strategy. The Amazon, Uber and Airbnb models are often used as examples. If you want to apply this kind of models, you will need to adjust your way of thinking first. How you look like an entrepreneur against an enterprise determines […]
18 mei 2017


What a wonderful day. Beautiful weather with warm temperatures. What surprised me lately is the big difference among youth. You have the passionate youth who are beginning at a young age with their own business. Amazing to see how these young people have an intrinsic drive co-pursued by their parents. […]
17 mei 2017


  Such a beautiful day with incredible experiences. I read a new book about “sustainability”, which clearly emphasizes a new way of selecting employees. This book is a truly eye opener for many people and businesses, The way of today’s selection should actually be different. Based on many experiences, an […]