23 juni 2018

Want to be more innovative? Take these 4 simple steps today

Every company wants to be innovative. Discovering new products and services, or improving existing ones, before the competition does. Innovation is speeding up exponentially in the last few years. From breakthroughs in AI to huge rockets that launch satellites and then safely land back on earth. However, not all innovations have to be of this size and becoming more innovative isn’t rocket science either. You don’t have to hire the next Albert Einstein or Elon […]
23 juni 2018

How questioning can thrive your business

“Question everything”, Albert Einstein once said. His advice made sense as most people do not ask many questions in conversations. Yet, we can learn so much from it. Those people who do ask questions, tend to be more liked. We all remember conversations at birthday parties when a person showed genuine interest in our life. We immediately liked the person and had a great time. When people feel they are heard, they are willing to […]
18 juni 2018

Smart collaboration harnesses the power of your subject-matter experts

Smart collaboration harnesses the power of your subject-matter experts Workplaces these days depend on their subject-matter experts to steer them in the right direction. These star employees use their knowledge to advise on a variety of business decisions and to create innovative strategic plans that help organizations hit their numbers and profit greatly. But in this star-driven culture, where competition reigns king, how do you get these top employees to put aside their egos and […]
29 mei 2018

Discover how to introduce Agile successfully in your company

Why and how to introduce Agile successfully in your company? Agile is no longer confined to just the IT companies or departments but is now spreading its wings. It opens up opportunities and possibilities for companies across the board, since agile is excellent for innovation. Innovation, change, and your customer are at the center of the agile method. In a customer-centric world where changes come rapidly, and the competition is getting increasingly dynamic and innovative, […]
26 mei 2018

Go big or go home: 6 steps to scale Agile up in your company

Agile is a great way to encourage innovation. Instead of receiving orders from the top which you’ve got to follow to the letter, it is an iterative process. The focus is on outcomes, such as increased customer satisfaction, instead of outputs, a new product. As an Agile manager, your role is to make it possible for your team members to use all their talents and capabilities to generate value. The manager is the hurdle clearer […]
16 mei 2018

Successful yet feeling unhappy? 6 easy steps to change this

You know the expression that you don’t live to work but work to live? However, the fact is that a considerable part of our life is spent working. And many of us don’t only go to work to make a living, but to achieve something. We want to be successful, raise the corporate ladder and make our business grow. With every step we go up, each success we score, we’ll feel more fulfilled and happier… […]
5 mei 2018

8 Essential steps for your business to lead the digital revolution

The Industrial Revolution has changed our way of life. It has impacted everybody and upset societal hierarchies, changed business and overthrown governments. Industries rose from water power, turned to steam power and then got hooked up to electricity. Now the next wave of innovation is replacing the old industrial infrastructure. New technologies change the way we interact with our customers, produce products and supply services. Technologies like: Big data Robotics Software Blockchain The Industrial Internet […]
2 mei 2018

How to surf the waves of digital disruption to success

The 2 words that strike fear into the hearts of many executives are ‘digital disruption’. And for a good reason. Digital disruption has lead to the downfall of businesses, which until a few years ago, were successful. It has left a trail of debris of bankrupt Blockbusters, angry taxi drivers, and empty malls. And if you think you are safe, forget it. Of today’s leading brands, 75% will not exist anymore within a decade, according […]
21 maart 2018

Become a business leader by thinking like an Olympian

It is always exciting to watch the Olympics or a world championship. You see the best athletes in the world competing against each other. Powerful men and women who are the absolute best of the best in their sports, going head to head. The international marketplace is also an intense competition between talent, companies and ideas. If you want to reach for gold in business, there is a lot you can learn from these impressive […]
4 maart 2018

Is uw bedrijf klaar voor de toekomst?

Niemand kan de toekomst voorspellen met een glazen bol, helaas. Toch kunnen we voorzichtige voorspellingen doen over ontwikkelingen in de toekomst, gebaseerd op de huidige trends en ontwikkelingen. Digitalisering is één van die belangrijke ontwikkelingen. Het digitale tijdperk brengt niet alleen een scala aan nieuwe producten en diensten met zich mee, ook uw organisatiestructuur en customer experience veranderen door digitalisering. De vraag is niet of u meegaat in de veranderende digitale wereld, maar hoe. Is […]
21 februari 2018

Heeft iedereen binnen uw bedrijf aandacht voor de strategie?

The value chain is only as strong as its weakest link, is exact de reden waarom het belangrijk is dat de strategie van uw bedrijf organisatie breed gedragen wordt. Wie is er bij uw bedrijf eigenlijk verantwoordelijk voor het uitzetten en waarborgen van de bedrijfsstrategie? Is er wel iemand verantwoordelijk voor? En is er überhaupt wel een strategie? Het makkelijkst is om naar de CEO of directeur te wijzen, maar dat is geen slim idee. […]
14 februari 2018

Welke kwaliteiten heb je nodig als een leider?

De beste manier om daarachter te komen, is om de kwaliteiten van succesvolle leiders onder het vergrootglas te leggen. Zij hebben immers een bewezen trackrecord; wat doen ze wel en wat juist niet? Sommige kwaliteiten zijn niet aan te leren, daar ben je mee geboren… of niet, helaas. Het goede nieuws is dat veel vaardigheden wél aan te leren zijn. We hebben vijf van deze leiderschapskwaliteiten voor je op een rijtje gezet, geïnspireerd op het […]
5 september 2017

The power of the “Positive Question”

We want to make the most of our employees, using different techniques and coaching. But the question remains which way works best? There are many roads leading to Rome, but we want to use the most efficient way. One option is to focus on the employee and see what’s going well in his eyes. This way you make use of the positive experience of the employee. In order to focus on the positive experience, the […]
29 mei 2017

Automate processes

Companies do not fully utilize their software capabilities on a large scale. Either of the existing software or the failure to write a custom software program, which allows you to work many times more efficiently. This can save companies a lot of money, especially in the future. In recent years, we have supported a number of companies in order to save a lot of money. A critical look of a competent external advisor does miracles. […]