27 november 2018

6 tips om organisatieveranderingen te vertellen aan uw team

Als leidinggevende bent u niet alleen verantwoordelijk voor het mededelen van goed, positief nieuws. Ook het vertellen van slecht, negatief nieuws behoort tot uw taken. Zoals het aankondigen van organisatieveranderingen. Dat hoeft overigens niet per se negatief te zijn. Integendeel zelfs. Organisatieveranderingen worden vaak doorgevoerd om positief resultaat te behalen. Toch wordt verandering door werknemers vaak als eng en spannend ervaren. Verandering brengt onzekerheid teweeg. Uw werknemers zijn bang dat hun functie, resultaten en/of groeiambities […]
20 november 2018

Get Your Boards on Board: Involving your Board with a New CEO

It is a core task of the board of directors of a company to oversee the senior executive of the company to ensure their leadership is strong. But boards of directors are frequently less involved than they should be in onboarding new management, and the result is that new CEOs begin their jobs at a disadvantage. Follow the suggestions below to ensure that your board gets a new CEO off on the right foot. The […]
4 november 2018

Zorg voor een goede mentor

Een mentor, dat is toch iets voor start-ups en young professionals? Ja, maar ook voor bestaande bedrijven en ervaren managers, managing directors en ondernemers. De top bereiken is een uitdaging, maar aan de top blijven is evengoed een challenge. Een mentor in handen nemen is dus altijd een goed idee, voor een professional die het maximale uit zijn carrière wil halen en voor een ondernemer die alles uit zijn organisatie wil halen. Een goede mentor […]
17 oktober 2018

How asking for help can boost your work and career

Over the last years, work has changed. Collaboration has become more flexible. People co-operate in changing partnerships, using their expertise temporarily on a specific job within a cross-functional project. Then move on to the next. Even between partner companies, experts are exchanged or outsourced. This way of working entails people’s need to help each other. Only by sharing knowledge and asking for each other’s help, results can be achieved. This is not only valid within […]
25 juli 2018

Don’t let negativity kill your business! 5 simple ways to stay positive

Let’s face it. Every day we’re confronted with negativity. Just turn on the news, and it’s full of tragedies. That’s the nature of the news; it focuses mostly on the bad stuff. Then at work and while running your business, you’ll sometimes have to deal with negative people. Be it a coworker that loves to complain or a client that always seems to be unhappy. Keeping a positive mindset, which is essential to success, can […]
25 juli 2018

5 key benefits of a dedicated corporate responsibility committee

The success of any company depends on its relationship with its customers. Nowadays, organizations need to be customer-centric to survive. Also, your customer has come to expect much more from you on issues like sustainability and corporate responsibility. The way a company treats its people and the environment is a central theme in maintaining positive relations with the public. Companies do show an increasing awareness of this, but only 10 percent of US company boards […]
25 juli 2018

How to maximize the middle years and not be middling as a CEO?

In life, we tend to focus on beginnings and endings, be it of relationships, going to college and new jobs. However, the most critical part is often what happens in-between. This rule goes for a CEO as well. As a new CEO, you typically start with a clear agenda of urgent issues to handle. It can be anything; finding new revenue streams, implementing cutbacks or getting the company out of the red. As a CEO […]
25 juli 2018

7 Ways to make change management a success in your company

The only thing sure in life is change. This rings truer than ever today. Our world is undergoing rapid societal and technological shifts. New markets are opening up with a whole new set of consumers. Many of the biggest companies today, barely existed 10 years ago. New, and old, players thoroughly disrupt traditional industries. No wonder that change management has become so important. However, a 2013 survey by Strategy and the Katzenbach Center among global […]
25 juli 2018

7 Steps to focus your attention and stop getting distracted

Every day a thousand and one things are clambering for your attention. Social media updates, apps from a friend, family, and coworkers, breaking news notifications or urgent emails. It’s so easy to get distracted. According to a study it takes our mind about 25 minutes to get back to the level of focus we had before getting distracted. Imagine the negative impact on your productivity. Let’s change this. Read them through in one go; it […]
29 juni 2018

Do you want to be a better leader? Get humble

The leader was once was a patriarchal person, an authority figure. There was a clear top-down hierarchy. You had the worker bees and their boss. Speaking out as a worker was an unwritten no-no, just like asking for a workers’ opinion. This leadership style was standard for a long time, from feudal times right into the industrial revolution up until very recently. Actually, this style is still quite common in certain industries and work cultures. […]
29 juni 2018

6 Tips for your business  to use now to win the innovation game

As a company, you want to be winning the innovation game. This easier said than done. Your market environment is continuously changing. New technologies arrive, customers’ needs evolve, global competition increases and disruptive startups turn your industry upside down. However, there is no need for despair just yet since two can play that game. All these potential threats bring opportunities as well. You simply need to understand how to play your cards right. To help […]
29 juni 2018

Your business needs to be able to drive its strategy

A strategy is a roadmap for your company. It shows you the way to achieve your mission. However, the roadmap won’t do much if your car isn’t working. Take a look at all the recent trouble at Tesla and its Model 3. Tesla needs to increase production of its Model 3 to meet market demand, and start making a profit for the first time in its history. However, it’s running into a myriad of problems. […]
29 juni 2018

Smart collaboration harnesses the power of your subject-matter experts

Workplaces these days depend on their subject-matter experts to steer them in the right direction. These star employees use their knowledge to advise on a variety of business decisions and to create innovative strategic plans that help organizations hit their numbers and profit greatly. But in this star-driven culture, where competition reigns king, how do you get these top employees to put aside their egos and work together for the good of the business? The […]
23 juni 2018

5 Ways how giving boosts your energy and grows your business

The saying goes; It’s better to give than to receive. And though we all probably like to receive a thoughtful gift, deep down we know that we also love to give. That happy face of your partner when you surprise them with flowers or tickets to see their favorite team play. And when you’re a manager, what’s better than being able to tell your employees that they deserve a bonus? Even if it’s the end […]
29 mei 2018

Discover how to introduce Agile successfully in your company

Why and how to introduce Agile successfully in your company? Agile is no longer confined to just the IT companies or departments but is now spreading its wings. It opens up opportunities and possibilities for companies across the board, since agile is excellent for innovation. Innovation, change, and your customer are at the center of the agile method. In a customer-centric world where changes come rapidly, and the competition is getting increasingly dynamic and innovative, […]
26 mei 2018

Go big or go home: 6 steps to scale Agile up in your company

Agile is a great way to encourage innovation. Instead of receiving orders from the top which you’ve got to follow to the letter, it is an iterative process. The focus is on outcomes, such as increased customer satisfaction, instead of outputs, a new product. As an Agile manager, your role is to make it possible for your team members to use all their talents and capabilities to generate value. The manager is the hurdle clearer […]
16 mei 2018

Successful yet feeling unhappy? 6 easy steps to change this

You know the expression that you don’t live to work but work to live? However, the fact is that a considerable part of our life is spent working. And many of us don’t only go to work to make a living, but to achieve something. We want to be successful, raise the corporate ladder and make our business grow. With every step we go up, each success we score, we’ll feel more fulfilled and happier… […]
5 mei 2018

8 Essential steps for your business to lead the digital revolution

The Industrial Revolution has changed our way of life. It has impacted everybody and upset societal hierarchies, changed business and overthrown governments. Industries rose from water power, turned to steam power and then got hooked up to electricity. Now the next wave of innovation is replacing the old industrial infrastructure. New technologies change the way we interact with our customers, produce products and supply services. Technologies like: Big data Robotics Software Blockchain The Industrial Internet […]
4 maart 2018

Is uw bedrijf klaar voor de toekomst?

Niemand kan de toekomst voorspellen met een glazen bol, helaas. Toch kunnen we voorzichtige voorspellingen doen over ontwikkelingen in de toekomst, gebaseerd op de huidige trends en ontwikkelingen. Digitalisering is één van die belangrijke ontwikkelingen. Het digitale tijdperk brengt niet alleen een scala aan nieuwe producten en diensten met zich mee, ook uw organisatiestructuur en customer experience veranderen door digitalisering. De vraag is niet of u meegaat in de veranderende digitale wereld, maar hoe. Is […]
29 mei 2017

Automate processes

Companies do not fully utilize their software capabilities on a large scale. Either of the existing software or the failure to write a custom software program, which allows you to work many times more efficiently. This can save companies a lot of money, especially in the future. In recent years, we have supported a number of companies in order to save a lot of money. A critical look of a competent external advisor does miracles. […]
19 mei 2017

Adjust your way of thinking

There are many companies that want to adjust their strategy. The Amazon, Uber and Airbnb models are often used as examples. If you want to apply this kind of models, you will need to adjust your way of thinking first. How you look like an entrepreneur against an enterprise determines the future. You can still develop such beautiful models, but if you do not adjust your way of thinking, it’s not going well. Many entrepreneurs […]
18 mei 2017


What a wonderful day. Beautiful weather with warm temperatures. What surprised me lately is the big difference among youth. You have the passionate youth who are beginning at a young age with their own business. Amazing to see how these young people have an intrinsic drive co-pursued by their parents. Wonderful to see how they use their own way of social media and thus able to achieve an unprecedented mass of people. On the other […]
17 mei 2017


  Such a beautiful day with incredible experiences. I read a new book about “sustainability”, which clearly emphasizes a new way of selecting employees. This book is a truly eye opener for many people and businesses, The way of today’s selection should actually be different. Based on many experiences, an overview has been compiled that valuable employees must meet. These experiences are very useful to fit in conversations I have to carry this week. In […]