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Help een collega in nood

Zo motiveert u een collega die dat nodig heeft U bent druk met uw eigen ontwikkeling als ondernemer, directeur, manager of professional. Dat snappen we. U focust op de productiviteit en kwaliteit van uw werkzaamheden, terwijl u aan uw leerdoelen en persoonlijke...

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Use your strengths optimal

Become a business leader by thinking like an Olympian It is always exciting to watch the Olympics or a world championship. You see the best athletes in the world competing against each other. Powerful men and women who are the absolute best of the best in their...

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6 tips om organisatieveranderingen te vertellen

Als leidinggevende bent u niet alleen verantwoordelijk voor het mededelen van goed, positief nieuws. Ook het vertellen van slecht, negatief nieuws behoort tot uw taken. Zoals het aankondigen van organisatieveranderingen. Dat hoeft overigens niet per se negatief te...

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Zorg voor een goede mentor

Een mentor, dat is toch iets voor start-ups en young professionals? Ja, maar ook voor bestaande bedrijven en ervaren managers, managing directors en ondernemers. De top bereiken is een uitdaging, maar aan de top blijven is evengoed een challenge. Een mentor in handen...

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How asking for help can boost your work and career

Over the last years, work has changed. Collaboration has become more flexible. People co-operate in changing partnerships, using their expertise temporarily on a specific job within a cross-functional project. Then move on to the next. Even between partner companies,...

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Your business needs to be able to drive its strategy

A strategy is a roadmap for your company. It shows you the way to achieve your mission. However, the roadmap won't do much if your car isn’t working. Take a look at all the recent trouble at Tesla and its Model 3. Tesla needs to increase production of its Model 3 to...

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Do you want to be a better leader? Get humble

The leader was once was a patriarchal person, an authority figure. There was a clear top-down hierarchy. You had the worker bees and their boss. Speaking out as a worker was an unwritten no-no, just like asking for a workers’ opinion. This leadership style was...

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How questioning can thrive your business

“Question everything”, Albert Einstein once said. His advice made sense as most people do not ask many questions in conversations. Yet, we can learn so much from it. Those people who do ask questions, tend to be more liked. We all remember conversations at birthday...

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The power of the “Positive Question”

We want to make the most of our employees, using different techniques and coaching. But the question remains which way works best? There are many roads leading to Rome, but we want to use the most efficient way. One option is to focus on the employee and see what's...

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Automate processes

Companies do not fully utilize their software capabilities on a large scale. Either of the existing software or the failure to write a custom software program, which allows you to work many times more efficiently. This can save companies a lot of money, especially in...

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What a wonderful day. Beautiful weather with warm temperatures. What surprised me lately is the big difference among youth. You have the passionate youth who are beginning at a young age with their own business. Amazing to see how these young people have an intrinsic...

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Such a beautiful day with incredible experiences. I read a new book about “sustainability”, which clearly emphasizes a new way of selecting employees. This book is a truly eye opener for many people and businesses, The way of today's selection should actually be...

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