We want to make the most of our employees, using different techniques and coaching. But the question remains which way works best?

There are many roads leading to Rome, but we want to use the most efficient way. One option is to focus on the employee and see what’s going well in his eyes. This way you make use of the positive experience of the employee.

In order to focus on the positive experience, the feeling of the staff will be affected in a positive way, which will express the same in his motivation in his work environment. There are several ways to apply this technique.

A common technique is “Appreciative Inquiry

Source: Chart Magic

This technique focuses on searching for and strengthening solutions that already exist. This way you give more attention to the positive than negative. This way of research allows you to book fast, efficient and accurate results. By formulating the question differently, you involve the employees in a positive way. The strength of this method lies in the positive question.

You can focus on getting a problem clear or you can focus on the question of how employees experience and how they are involved in the best possible way.

By changing the question, the results will be much faster, because the employee has been thinking about it for a long time. Use the power of positive employee and you’ll see that challenges can be implemented very quickly within the organization.

Which issue does your organization want to solve and use this way? Please contact us and to help you.

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